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Church Calendar

2024               CHURCH CALENDAR

Here is our current church calendar for 2024.  All events are subject to change.

Don't Miss Our Coming Events:
Monday Women’s Bible Study at 7:00 PM
Wednesday Prayer and Praise – 5:45 – 6:30 PM  & Choir Rehearsal 6:30 – 7:30 PM
Saturday 3rd Saturday 9 AM Men’s Ministry
Saturday Choir Rehearsal at 9:30 AM except 3rd Saturday moved to 10
Saturday Upper Room Phone Worship Service at 11:00 AM
Thursday 3rdThursday Food Pantry –10:00 AM to 1:00 PM.  5:00 to 7:30 PM
Redemption Baptist Church Weekly Schedule  (RBC)
Tuesday – ESL at 7:00 PM,
Wednesday – Praise Team – 8:00 PM
Thursday – Prayer at 7:30 PM             
Saturday Bi Monthly Young Adults Meet7:00 PM
Sunday Worship at 6:00 PM
Shadow on the Wall
FEBRUARY  Black History Month
02/11            Pastor Julius speaks       (RBC valentines Dinner after their worship)
02/14            Ash Wednesday, Lent Begins  
02/18            Valentine’s Dinner @ 4:00 PM  Presidents Day Sunday
02/24            (RBC Young Adults Worships Night)

03/10            Change to Daylight Savings Time                    
03/24            Palm Sunday
03/27            Work Day at Camp Lebanon       
03/28            Maundy Thursday service – Joint Service with Redemption Baptist Church
03/29            Good Friday service
03/31            Easter - and Easter breakfast   (RBC Easter Service 6 PM)

04/27            Camp Lebanon Work Day      (RBC Young Adult Worship Night)

MAY             Asian – Pacific Islanders American Heritage Month 
05/02            National Day of Prayer      Prayer Wall and Service   
05/05            North Shore Rally   
05/12            Mother’s Day
05/19            Pentecost Sunday   International Celebration
05/26            Dr. Dalton speaks    Memorial Day Sunday                
JUNE           National Caribbean American Heritage Month
06/08            (RBC Couples Dinner 7 PM)
06/09            Children’s Sunday            
06/16            Father’s Day            Juneteenth National Independence Day
06/29            (RBC Young Adult Worship Night)         
06/30            Youth Sunday

07/04            Oceanfest outreach           Independence Day
TBD              Semi-annual Meeting
07/20            (RBC – Children’s Day on the Lawn 4-7) HAVE VBS Registration available for them       

08/06            National Night Out
08/10            (Brazilian RBC Festival on the Lawn and we are invited–Bring a national dish to share)
08/24            (RBC regular worship because FBC VBS begins Sunday 8/25)
08/25-29       Vacation Bible School

SEPTEMBER         Hispanic Heritage Month
09/01            Rally Day       Labor Day Sunday
09/08            Sunday School Begins
09/28            (RBC Young Adult Worship Night)

10/05            ABCNJ Annual Session
10/13            Columbus Day outreach
10/18-10/20  (RBC Couples Conference)
10/26            Harvest Festival

NOVEMBER  Election Day 11/05        Native American Heritage Month
11/03            Change to Standard Time  and North Shore Rally
11/10            Veterans Day Sunday      (RBC Young Adult Worship Night)
11/27            Thanksgiving Prayer Service

12/01            Advent Begins and Hanging of the Greens
12/08            Cantata
12/24            Christmas Eve Service     
12/31            Watchnight Service  FBC 6:00 PM     (RBC New Years’ Service 10-12PM)
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